PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode 0.11.0 Update

The release date of the much anticipated release of PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 has been confirmed by Tencent. PUBG Mobile Update 0.11.0 Deadline Release Date is February 19, the game servers will be taken from February 5 to 1:30 in the morning on February 18 for maintenance. Depending on the progress of maintenance, the service can be started sooner or later. The new version will be pushed to Google Play and App Store starting February 19. It was confirmed on the PUBG Mobile Discard and comes after an extended beta for 0.11.0 updates that last for approximately one month. Zombies mode also receives an official name, which is now called Survivor Till Dawn. Here’s what else you can expect.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.11.0 Zombie Mode Patch Notes
Added zombie: survive a new time-limited event mode, as long as the players fight zombies and resident Evil 2
Added Weather: Vyndi from Moonlight
Added player spot: This will be available where player information and connections are displayed and you can choose to partner with 400 or more partners as your partner to stand on your side in your space.
Added Resident Evil 2 Main Menu Theme and Music
Available in Sanhok Arcade – Quick Match
Shadow can be disabled under settings
Past results can be kept for only one month
Fixed area display bugs for budget devices

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